The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix All Circuits are Busy Error

Circuit busy errors are messages that appear on the screen of your phone when you try to place a call. It’s just like the message “All circuits are busy right now, please try your call again later” but instead it will read “The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please check the number and dial again.”

How to Fix all Circuits are Busy

There are a few ways to fix circuits busy error and we can run through them here:

  • Check the dialling code of the area you’re calling. It’s possible that your phone dialling code is different from the area where you’re trying to call and this may be why it won’t connect; check if they both have the same dialling code.
  • You may also be hitting the wrong keys on your phone when you’re trying to dial a number and this can be another reason why circuits are busy error pops up; just double check that you’re following all the right steps to dial a number properly.
  • It’s possible that there is no signal in your area. If you’re calling from an area where there is no signal, the circuit busy error will pop up because there isn’t sufficient service to connect your call. If this is the case, try moving your phone around or calling again when there’s better coverage in your area.
  • If none of these seem to work and circuits are still busy, you might want to check if your phone has been disconnected. If you’re using a mobile plan that’s expired, the phone will automatically shut down and stop working completely because it needs an active SIM card. The circuit busy error may also pop up because your contacts list or saved numbers are still there even though the SIM card is no longer active.
  • When the SIM card is removed, all your contacts and numbers are stored in it. To fix this problem, simply remove the card from the phone and place it back again to see if that fixes circuits busy error. If none of these work or you’re still getting the error after trying everything above, it’s very possible that there is an issue with your phone or if you’re using a wireless connection, there might be an issue with the internet.

Why Does My Phone Have the Circuit Busy Error?

There are several causes for this error, here are some of them:

  • Frequent Dropped Calls: Dropped calls are a common problem with mobile phones and can be caused by many different factors. This is where your call disconnects itself from the network because it has been unable to connect to any cell towers for several seconds or more which causes you to lose connection. The circuit busy error may also pop up when the mobile network is experiencing difficulties and they need to do some work to fix it; this can take several hours or even days.
  • Your dialling code isn’t correct: As we mentioned earlier, there could be a mistake in your dialling code which may prevent you from connecting to different areas even though you’re doing everything right.
  • Another person is using your phone number: This isn’t too common but there could be an instance where someone is not only misusing your phone’s services but also your name and contacts. This can happen when you lend your mobile to someone; the person has access to all information stored in it, including SMS messages, call logs, contacts list, etc.
  • Your SIM card is defective or damaged: If you remove your SIM card and use another one, it’s possible that the other person you’re trying to call also has this second SIM card so he or she will not receive your call. This can be quite an annoying problem but there are ways to fix it. You may have heard that you can use a service called DDI instead of the dialling code but this won’t work properly with some networks so it’s best to check with your network first.


The circuit busy error pops up because there is a problem with connecting your call and this can be due to several reasons. Make sure you’ve inputted the right dialling code and try moving around or using another SIM card if you’re using a wireless connection.

If none of these work after trying everything, it’s very possible that the issue isn’t with your phone but it’s more likely that there is a problem with the circuit or mobile network, possibly because of poor coverage and they’re trying to fix it.

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