The Complete Guide to the iPhone 6 and How Much it Costs with MetroPCS

The iPhone 6 is an update to the iPhone 5 which was released in 2012. This mobile device comes equipped with a high-resolution screen, A8 chip, and several different color options including gold, silver, and space gray.

Apple has been consistent about releasing new iPhones annually so there have been many rumors that a “7” will be coming out later this year. There are some features that can be found on the iPhone 6 that were not included on older versions, such as the touch ID which allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.

How Much Does the Iphone 6 Cost Metro PCs

The iPhone 6 is available through MetroPCS for $649. However, you can purchase the 32GB version for $429 and the 64GB version for $529.

You can finance your phone if you wish to pay less than full price over time. You will be required to pay roughly $15 per month if you choose this option.

How Much Does the iPhone 6 Cost Straight Talk

The iPhone 6 is available through straight talk for $650. This phone does not come with a two year contract and there are no installment payments required to purchase it. However, you will pay more upfront than if you choose to finance it at Metro PCS, which may be one of the more attractive features of MetroPCS.

The iPhone 6 costs $649 through Straight Talk and the 32GB version is available for $549 . If you purchase the phone without a contract, you will not pay monthly installments like with Metro PCS.

Where to Buy the Iphone 6 No Contract

With straight talk, you can purchase your iPhone 6 for $649 and you will pay $20 each month without a contract. Or you can purchase the phone for $549 with no monthly payments if you choose to go with the 32GB version.

The iPhone 6 is available through Straight Talk and Metro PCS, but both stores require contracts and most do not offer installment plans or monthly payments. Paying the full price of the phone will yield you a discount over time as opposed to paying monthly installments. But what is best for you depends on your preference and budget.

The iPhone 6 runs on iOS 8, which has been praised for its many upgrades since iOS 7 came out in 2013 . However, Apple’s upcoming release of an iPhone 7 may make the iPhone 6 a less desirable choice in the near future. But with almost no significant changes from last year’s model, many current owners of iPhones will choose to stick with what they have rather than upgrade to the latest version every two years.

You can buy an Iphone 6 that is unlocked or locked depending on your preference. Some carriers will send you an unlocked version, which means you can use it with any GSM carrier. The iPhone 6 is available on AT&T, T-Mobile , or Sprint.

You may also be able to find the new Iphone 7 when it is released in the fall of 2016 . This model will include features like a pressure sensitive screen, better battery life, and faster speed.

How to Unlock the Iphone 6 so it can be used with Metro PCS

If you wish to use your phone on the Metro PCS network, you will need to unlock your iPhone 6 so it can work with GSM carriers. You can do this by calling T-Mobile customer service or by purchasing an unlock code online.

Unlocking your iPhone is free and does not require you to complete any paperwork so it will not take long to receive your code after you submit the request . You may then be able to use Metro Mobile as one of your GSM carriers. Many changes have been made with the release of iOS 8, such as the ability to add widgets and switch between apps with a swipe of your finger.


The iPhone 6 has been praised for its performance and camera quality . It is not the newest iPhone but still performs well compared to other models.

The 32GB version of this phone costs $429 and the 64Gb version can be purchased for $529 if you choose MetroPCS as your carrier.

Straight Talk offers the same phone without a contract for a lower cost of $650 while the 32GB version is available for $549.

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